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        If you’ve ever hosted a New Year’s Eve party for friends, organized a garage sale,  or thrown together a neighborhood potluck, you have all the necessary skills required to host a House Concert. 

A House Concert is literally a sit-down concert in your home, backyard, barn, yoga studio, church hall.. office.. etc. Anywhere you can invite people.

       This format allows fans to truly experience musicians and it also allows musicians to be story-tellers and authentic performers.

       The House Concert environment is an organic format for community and connection. There is no noise to compete with little advertising necessary and ticket prices can be whatever the artist and presenter agree upon (usually a $15-20 suggested donation Per Person). 

Your role as  a host: 

1) Having the space to host it..   ( be creative!) 

2) Inviting your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, etc. and introducing them to the idea of what a House Concert is.

3) Being a thoughtful Host on the day of the show, that will help people navigate this new and exciting experience. 

 You may choose to provide appetizers and drinks, or do a potluck.  The options are really wide open depending upon how you’d like to host it.

We hope you'll consider being a first time host! 

Email : moodylittlesister@gmail.com  for more information! 


A House Concert is NOT a chance for a band play in the background for a party or anniversary while people talk over the music .  

Please hire your nearest ipod for that occasion.   :)